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Aloe Vera to attract money: 3 things you should do and 2 things you should avoid

Aloe vera, known in the world of medicine and aesthetics as aloe verais one of the most powerful plants for money. Spiritual properties are attributed to it, such as absorbing negative energies and attracting good luck.

However, to make the most of its energetic benefits, we must take care of it, place it in the correct spaces and avoid some rituals that, instead of being beneficial, can be detrimental to our lives.

Next, we tell you 3 things you should do with your aloe vera to have money and two things you should avoid if you do not want to have misfortunes in your life.

Yes, place the aloe vera outside your front door

The aloe vera is a powerful absorber of negative energies. Esoterics believe that the simple fact of placing it outside, at the main entrance door, will neutralize the energy that we bring with us from the street, as well as that which family members and visitors could carry. Place it on the right side looking from inside your house, so that when you arrive it is located on your left side.

Yes tie red ribbons on aloe vera leaves

In Feng Shui, the aloe represents good luck and the color associated with fortune is red. Tying ribbons of this tone at their ends will provide extra protection to your home and each of its members, in addition, it will enhance economic well-being. If the plant dries up, discard it and get a new one.

Yes, place it on your work site

According to Feng Shui, no thorny plant should be inside the house. However, the aloe vera is special because, by tying a red ribbon at one of its ends becomes a good luck charm for its magnetism associated with prosperity. If you want to place it inside the house, place it in your work space, in the office or in the kitchen.

Do not place aloe vera in bedrooms

The place where you definitely should not place this plant is in the bedroom, as it could drain your energy. Don’t place it in the bathroom either because it opposes energy.

Don’t hang it by its roots

Many people use to hang an aloe vera tied to the root on doors and businesses, however, this should never be done because symbolizes punishing this natural element, explained the Psychic Andrea YouTube channel. Without knowing it, you are sending the universe a negative message that will be returned to you multiplied by 3, so you should always keep it in a pot and take care of it.

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