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Almost 2 million Colombians changed their operator in the second quarter • ENTER.CO

In the last report of the Communications Regulation Commission it was known that 1.98 million Colombians changed their operator.

The report collects data from the second quarter of 2022. Number portability operations grew by 4.85% compared to the first quarter of the year. While with respect to the same quarter of the previous year it grew by 13.38%. This allows us to understand that more and more Colombians are dissatisfied with the services provided by their telephone operators.

Claro was the company that received the most users during the months of April, May and June, with 708.4 thousand operations received. Next, Tigo was in second place with 526.9 thousand, MOVISTAR with 467 thousand and WOM with 227.1 thousand. As received, Claro was the operator that lost the most users with 567.6 thousand, followed by Tigo with 541.3 thousand, MOVISTAR with 495.7 thousand and WOM with 254.1 thousand.

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In fact, the telephone company Claro was the one that obtained a positive result. That is, it received more users than it lost during the second quarter. On the other hand, the other operators had losses as follows: Movistar lost 28.6 thousand users, Tigo lost 14.3 thousand, WOM lost 26.9 thousand. The Movistar and Tigo operators, the ones that lost the most users, were destined for the Claro operator.

Paola Bonilla Castaño, executive director and Commissioner of the CRC, highlighted the effectiveness of the portability mechanism implemented in Colombia since 2011. This “right of Colombians guarantees changing operators according to their needs and consumption profile,” she said. She explained that in part the increase in the number of Colombians who changed operators is due to the speed of this process, because now it can be done in less than one business day. From 2011 to date, a total of more than 37.4 million users have been ported to other operators through this system.


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