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Alma Cero reveals that her marriage to Edwin Luna was a nightmare

The actress Alma Cero lived almost three years in a sentimental relationship with Edwin Luna, vocalist of La Trakalosa de Monterrey, in what she today considers one of the worst decisions she has made in life due to the psychological abuse to which she was subjected.

Between 2014 and 2017, the actress and the singer had a romance, but in the last year they were together they decided to marry civilly. The strange thing about the case was that after two and a half months it was Luna who decided to end the relationship.

Since then, there has been talk of infidelity as the cause of the couple’s separation. However, during an interview with journalist Matilde Obregón for her YouTube channel, Alma Cero told her version of what happened.

Apparently during an argument that the couple had during a promotional trip to Guatemala, the 35-year-old singer held a gun to his head and threatened his then wife with pulling the trigger if she didn’t decide to leave him alone.

“I did not understand anything, I was completely out of the loop. We had two and a half months of having signed our marriage, I did not understand.
I got desperate and got out of it, so he put his hand under a seat, took out a gun and pointed it at his head and said: ‘Now!’ and I said: ‘I’m leaving,’” the 47-year-old actress in tears.

Likewise, The actress confessed that among the things she put up with Edwin Luna was the fact of not having accompanied her during the loss of a pregnancy through which they intended to have a child.

“I told him by phone that we had lost our baby because he was on tour, but he came back two weeks later and it was my son Bruno who was with me all that time,” he recalled.

Alma Cero also assumes its responsibility for having made a mistake in choosing an inappropriate partner.

I think I made the wrong choice and what I had to learn was to take responsibility for my decisions… Be aware that I decided to go to Monterrey to give my light to someone else,” he emphasized.

Since their separation almost five years ago, Alma Luna and Edwin Luna have not met again and even the singer is now in a relationship with the Guatemalan dancer Kimberly Flores, who is two years younger than him and is also the mother of two boys.

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