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Allowances, unemployment insurance and judicial compensation will be readjusted in 2022

The minimum wage will be readjusted from R$1,100 to R$1,169, already provided for in the 2022 annual budget law, better known as the PLOA. Other payments that are directly linked to the national floor will be readjusted. Therefore, PIS/Pasep, unemployment insurance and BPC allowances will likely have higher values ​​in 2022.

These payments will have a corrected index of at least 6.2%, if they confirm the INPC that accumulated in the month of January.

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Values ​​readjusted in 2022

According to Ministry of Economy, the national floor values ​​must be corrected as soon as the inflation data are released. The government also proposed a new budget of R$ 41.7 billion for unemployment insurance in 2022. There is great expectation that around 8.2 million workers will be able to receive this benefit.

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The PIS/Pasep will also be readjusted and workers who will receive this allowance in 2021 will have as their main basis the new minimum wage of R$ 1,169, however, to be eligible to receive it, they must have worked at least one month with a formal contract and received up to two minimum wages in 2020.

The Continuing Benefit

The BPC/Loas, which is paid by the INSS for the elderly and disabled and needy people, will be able to use the new minimum wage value as the main base. In the case of those with a disability and it is impossible to carry out any type of work, as well as seniors aged 65 or over, they will be entitled to the readjustment, which will go from R$ 275 to R$ 292.25.

special courts

With the correction of the minimum wage, there will be an increase in the ceiling of indemnities paid to those who managed to win lawsuits in the Special Civil and Federal Courts. Previously, the amount was up to 40 minimum wages, but this limit will rise from R$44,000 to R$46,760.

Special Courts are only sought after by those people who wish to sue the Union, in this case the INSS. The indemnities under this ceiling will be 60 minimum wages, that is, approximately R$ 70,140.

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