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Alleged UFO expert assures that the Messi of the Qatar 2022 World Cup final was a clone

Lionel Andres Messi.

Photo: Antonin Thuillier/AFP/Getty Images

A UFO expert named Javier Pedro González, assured that Argentina used a clone of Messi in the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the character of Uruguayan origin went viral after granting said interview and giving these controversial statements about the World Champion and considered one of the best footballers in history.

González is a ufologist, someone who is dedicated to studying extraterrestrial phenomena and UFOs. In addition to Messi, He also stated that Ángel Di María was another clone in the teamIt should be noted that Fideo had an important performance in which they portrayed Koundé and scored the second goal for the Albicelestes in the first half of the game.

According to the theory of the aforementioned character, The Messi of the World Cup final had rounder ears than the star who plays for PSGthe same thing that in his opinion he was able to observe with the Juventus player, Ángel Di María.

For González, Argentina had to win the World Cup, as he explained that this country will host the world in 2024 and millions of people are expected to come to live in its territory.. It is not known for sure the reason for these statements, or if it is someone who perhaps clinging to his profession exposes a theory mostly based on the rivalry between Argentina and Uruguay.

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