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Alleged lover of Jorge Salinas would be charging for giving interviews | VIDEO

Jorge Salinas He is still in the eye of the hurricane after a Mexican magazine revealed an alleged infidelity on his part. Well, said newspaper assures that he is dating his nutritionist. and now she is Gustavo Adolfo Infante, host “De Primera Mano”, who assures that the aforementioned charges for giving interviews to talk about the subject.

Doctor Anna Paula would have decided to clarify her true relationship with the protagonist of “My heart is yours”, for that he would be charging, so he exhibited it in his show programsin which he showed a conversation in which an “economic proposal” was discussed.

This week the name of Anna Paula has become a trend and has grabbed some headlines, this after some photographs were revealed in which she is allegedly kissing Jorge Salinas, who is the husband of the actress elizabeth alvarez.

To end the speculation, Gustavo Adolfo Infante sought out the doctor to make her version known. Nevertheless, He was unable to arrange an interview, because the alleged lover of the protagonist of “Forgive our sins” was asking him for monetary compensation.

Both in his YouTube program and in “De primera mano”, The show presenter showed that he contacted what is presumably an assistant to the nutritionistwho revealed that he is charging to appear in the programs.

The driver sent some messages to Anna Paula’s contact number, to request an interview in which she clarified the situation with Jorge Salinas.

However, the person in charge wrote the following: “What would be the economic proposal, to inform the doctor”. This comment puzzled the communicator, who indicated that he did not work that way, giving money to the people with whom he talks.

The nutritionist had already talked about her controversial relationship with Addis Tuñón, who indicated that on that occasion she did not ask for any monetary compensation.

Given this situation, Gustavo Adolfo Infante speculated that perhaps now he wants to have an economic benefit: “To have said ‘I already watered it, here I can get a wool’. Maybe as a fattologist she is not putting people down. You guys saw it, we’re not making it up. He wants to charge money for giving an interview.”

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