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All the retrograde planets that will occur in 2023: dates and effects

A total of 8 retrograde planets we will have during 2023among which Mercury, Venus and Mars stand out, whose effects will be more noticeable in our lives once they begin to recede.

The term “retrograde” in astrology refers to the optical illusion created by the planets when they appear to gravitate slower in their orbit or move backwards in their orbit. According to astrologers, retrogrades stun some sector of our livesdepending on the planet that recedes.

Retrograde effects are stronger on the inner planets or closer to the Sun (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) than the outer planets, such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Not all negative, in fact, there are retrogrades that can be positive.

Next, we tell you the dates and effects of each of the retrograde planets that will happen in 2023.

retrograde mercury
December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023
April 21 to May 14
August 23 to September 15

The most famous retrograde is that of Mercury, a planet that governs any form of communication, such as our expressions, travel, technology, etc. Its effects are the most notorious, because it is when it seems that things are going backwards. There are delays, technology glitches, mix-ups, and general chaos.

retrograde venus
July 22 to September 3

Venus retrogrades occur once every 18 months, say astrologers on PopSugar.com, and usually last around 6 weeks. What will happen in this period of time are changes in your love life, personal values, beauty and finances, issues that govern this planet.

retrograde mars
October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023

The so-called red planet is in charge of action, our passions and energy, so when it is retrograde we can feel less desire to act, even in bed, as well as a lack of motivation. Its retrogrades occur approximately every 2 years.

Jupiter retrograde
September 4 to December 30

It is the most positive planet of all as it governs luck, fortune, abundance and prosperity. When it goes backwards it doesn’t mean losing all these issues that it governs; Jupiter expands everything it touches so when it recedes, it forces us to reflect and be more philosophical.

Saturn retrograde
June 17 to November 9

The planet of the rings is associated with discipline, limits and structures. When it is retrograde, it offers us the opportunity to control something that was loose in us and promotes personal growth.

retrograde uranus
August 24, 2022 to January 22, 2023

This star is known for its rebellious, free-spirited energy and for causing unexpected changes. His retrogrades lead us to experience an internal transformation.

retrograde neptune
June 30 to December 6

Neptune rules dreams, fantasies and ideals, when it goes backwards it gives us a reality check to check which of our dreams can come true. Their periods usually last about 5 months.

retrograde pluto
May 1 to October 11

Astrology still considers Pluto as a planet, in fact, it governs such important issues as death, rebirth and transformation. When he backs off, he asks us to address any toxic, negative, and self-destructive behavior.

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