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All the characters of Street Fighter 6 would have leaked • ENTER.CO

Yesterday during June’s State of Play we received the first trailer for Street Fighter 6. Outside of the logo memes, fans of fighting games and this franchise in particular have a lot to celebrate. And, although there is at least half a year to go before we see the game, a pretty big leak would have already arrived: the complete catalog of characters.

As always, the clarification is to take these leaks with a pinch of salt. There is no way to confirm how much of it is true. However, shortly after the first trailer came a few images of what appears to be the full roster of fighters coming with Street Fighter 6. You can see the leaked images at this link.

The list is pretty easy to follow. There are a total of 22 characters, made up mostly of all the fighters from Street Fighter 6: Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Blanka, Guile, and Chun-li. We also have the return of Cammy, Dee Day, Rashid, Juri, Ed, and Akuma (not Mika for you freaks).

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In addition to them, there are new faces in the game. We meet two of the new ones, which are Luke (who was the last character in the Street Fighter 5 DLC), as well as Jamie, who we saw in the trailer we received yesterday. Other new characters that we see in the leaked images are:

– Marisa. a muscular female fighter from Italy who wears gladiator clothing.

– Mimi, a French fighter. We can’t help but notice that she appears to be the female equivalent of Abel.

– Lili: A young woman from Mexico who wields a pair of ball-headed war clubs.

– JP: An older man, with a cane and an aristocratic style, from Russia.

– Kimberly: an African-American fighter from the United States, who maintains the trend of characters with hip-hop style clothes. One of the most interesting elements of her design is a Walkman dangling from her leg.

– AKI: A fighter from China with a ‘vampire’ appearance and who uses claws as a weapon.

Street Fighter 6 is scheduled for release sometime in 2023.

Images: CapcomStreet Fighter

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