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All rape and battery charges against Mason Greenwood dropped

Greater Manchester Police have dropped all charges of attempted rape, abuse and coercive conduct on Thursday. and controller weighing against Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood.

“Given the media importance of this case, it is fair that we share the news that a 21-year-old man, who was arrested and charged in an open inquiry in January 2022, faces no criminal proceedings against him in this connection,” said Michaela Kerr of the Greater Manchester Police.

“The investigative team has been in regular contact with the legal team and understands the discontinuation of proceedings at this point. And that decision has not been taken lightly. Despite the public and press interest in this case, we have decided not to comment further,” he added.

Greenwood, 21, was arrested in January 2022 after a friend of his ex-partner posted a series of photos and videos on social networks in which she appeared with injuries allegedly caused by the footballer.

The woman published photos on social networks showing the injuries that Greenwood had allegedly caused her, as well as an audio in which the soccer player forced her to have sexual relations with him.

A spokesman for the prosecution said that the charges against the footballer have been dropped due to “the withdrawal of a key witness” and new material that has come to light and that has shown that there is no “realistic prospect of guilt”.

The 20-year-old player was arrested last Sunday and his arrest was extended on suspicion of having committed sexual assault and death threats against his girlfriend.

Greenwood was separated by Manchester United, which did not allow him to train or play, and sponsors such as the sports brand Nike support has been withdrawn. He has also been removed from the video game FIFA 22 and 23.

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