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all payments on one platform

Most consumers currently opt for electronic payment. myPOS terminals, without fixed costs, are the answer to the wishes of merchants.

A large part of consumers currently opt for electronic payment. myPOS terminals, without fixed costs, are the answer to the wishes of merchants.

Enabling contactless payment to consumers is more important than ever, given the massive shift to contactless payments, where according to research by GFK on behalf of Visa, Portuguese consumers claim to have increased contactless use in 48%* since the beginning of the pandemic.

In this context, offering consumers and merchants easy, fast and secure payments is essential and for that reason myPOS has partnered with Visa to introduce this payment technology.

Gonçalo Gomes has a company, SCUVER, which delivers meals at home. The pandemic hit the restaurant sector hard and the lifeline for many businesses was to get to consumers’ homes as quickly and comfortably as possible. Even at the time of payment. That’s where myPOS terminals come in.

With couriers on the street and orders gaining more and more cadence, it was essential to find a way to integrate virtually all types of payment, preferably on a single platform. Gonçalo Gomes says he chose myPOS and has no regrets, quite the opposite.

“MyPOS terminals have a much more competitive price and many features”, maintains the entrepreneur, stressing that while traditional terminals work on a Bluetooth logic, myPOS are equipped with GSM technology, providing a direct and much more complete connection.

myPOS terminals: very competitive rates

MyPOS also has, for Gonçalo Gomes, the advantage of being a complete payment solution, allowing you to pay with cards or generate payment links, for example. “It’s all in the same place, with multiple accesses, which not only saves time, but, above all, allows real financial savings”.

The clear advantages that myPOS terminals represent in relation to traditional ones can be the definitive click in a market still largely dominated by a logic of monthly fees and fixed costs. myPOS assumes a multinational nature, accepting the main international brands, such as Visa, and operating throughout the European Economic Area.

a management tool

Pedro Osório de Castro, myPOS Country Manager in Portugal, highlights the very strong technological component of this solution, which is also assumed to be a true management tool for almost all types of business. That is, the merchant buys your terminal (currently priced from 29 euros), creates the necessary accounts on a platform, which you can then sync with your own website.

“The idea is to serve all channels of the business”, emphasizes Pedro Osório de Castro, noting that “not only the trader has the transactions immediately credited to his account, but he can also export all this financial information to an Excel document and send it immediately for your accounting services, without having to wait for the terminal to close. This improves, and decisively, the backoffice operation”.

Only pay for transactions

More importantly, the customer buys the myPOS terminal, activates it and only pays for the transactions he receives or the transfers he makes. In Pedro Osório de Castro’s opinion, this is a decisive difference from traditional terminals. “During the pandemic, for example, many businesses were closed, but they continued to pay the monthly fees for the terminals they had in their establishments. With myPOS, that doesn’t happen. The same applies to seasonal businesses. Costs decrease considerably in those times when there is no billing”, says Pedro Osório de Castro.

As you can see, myPOS solutions adapt to practically every type of business, functioning as true partners. With no fixed costs, this is a new reality in which even the most reluctant to adhere to electronic payments will have to think twice. Especially because e-commerce is constantly growing, something that myPOS has not neglected: with “myPOS online” functionality it is possible to have something that perhaps you never dreamed of for your business, that is, an online store.

*GFK Study for Visa. Consumer Survey – December 2020

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