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All against All 2023 – here are the spring participants

The success train continues to roll. After the thrilling season finale of season 8 where Olof Lundh and Ebba Kleberg von Sydow finally got to crown the season as winners, it is now time for new participants to take on Sweden’s hottest quiz show.

Photo: Discovery+

Season 9 premieres on January 30 and the first to compete for the season are Lotta Lundgren and Erik Haag, who are pitted against Lina Thomsgård and Kristoffer Appelquist.

The entertainment success Alla mot alla with Filip and Fredrik has grown into one of discovery+’s most noticed and popular television programs. Last year, the hit program won the crystal for Entertainment Program of the Year, which is the second time in the same category.

When does Alla mot Alla spring 2023 premiere?

Alla Mot Alla spring 2023 premieres January 30 on Kanal 5 and discovery+.

Participants All against All spring 2023 group 1

Erik Haag & Lotta Lundgren

Erik Haag & Lotta Lundgren/Photo: Discovery+

Kristoffer Appelquist & Lina Thomsgård

Kristoffer Appelquist & Lina Thomsgård/Photo: Discovery+

Elin Ek & Dregen

Elin Ek & Dregen/Photo: Discovery+

Erica Johansson & Tobias Blom

Erica Johansson & Tobias Blom/Photo: Discovery+

Jan Gradvall & Eva Hamilton

Jan Gradvall & Eva Hamilton/Photo: Discovery+

Linnéa Wikblad & Henrik Torehammar

Linnéa Wikblad & Henrik Torehammar/Photo: Discovery+

Emma Knyckare & Ola Söderholm

Photo: Emma Knyckare & Ola Söderholm/Discovery+

Pontus Gårdinger & Lina Axelsson Kihlblom

Photo: Pontus Gårdinger & Lina Axelsson Kihlblom/Discovery+

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