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all about this payment link

Cielo Super Link is the leader in the link payment market, but many people still don’t know about this form of payment, which is one of the most practical and reliable.

Super Link is very useful for those who want to sell online and do not have a dedicated store or platform, because by generating a link, you can share it anywhere, which, in addition to being practical, is a safe and affordable payment option.

If you still don’t know or want to know more about Cielo Super Link and this modern payment method, follow along below!

What this article covers:

Cielo Super Link is a secure payment method that can be shared by anyone, anywhere.

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This payment method is very accessible and easy, an especially advantageous option for small business owners, sellers or artists who want to sell their products without a virtual store or dedicated platform.

Anyone can use Cielo Super Link. The difference is that there are several ways to use the service, in special plans and subscriptions that guarantee some benefits, but there is also a free service.

In addition to being very practical, payment via Cielo Super Link is very simple! Super Link can be configured and generated in at least 3 channels:

How the Cielo Super Link payment link works

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In the website

On the Cielo Superlink website or on the portal, the user must access “online sales”, “e-commerce”, and finally “payment by link”. After that, the user must fill in his data, product data such as value, description and payment expiration date. After that, just take a copy of the link and send it to whoever pays.

On the Cielo App

The user must access the menu and go to the option “make a sale”, after that, go to “Cielo Super Link”, and finally, fill in the product data again, such as value, description and even delivery options. Afterwards, just copy the generated link and share it for those who want to purchase the product.

On the Cielo Play App

In the Cielo Play application, the user can look for the option “charge” and “request collection” in the menu. After that, it is only necessary to feed the application with common information, such as the value of the product and copy the link to send it through the preferred method.

Cielo Super Link fees are:

  • 2% for debit purchases;
  • 2.5% for cash purchases;
  • 3.25% for installment purchases.

For purchases using a payment slip, Cielo Super Link charges R$0.55 for the purchase of up to 14 tickets, R$0.45 for up to 24 and R$0.35 for more than 25.

Cielo Super Link also offers some plans with benefits for those who want to turn Cielo into their sales platform. Check the plans:

  • The basic plan, which offers 25 anti-fraud consultations and up to 5 payment slips for R$24.90;
  • The special plan gives 60 consultations and 20 payment slips for R$49.90;
  • The Mega plan 100 consultations and 30 payment slips for R$69.90.

Both consultations and bills are renewed monthly.

Accessing the Cielo Super Link service is very easy, just access through the website or Cielo app and Cielo Play.

The service has established itself as a very affordable payment option for self-employed people and artists who make regular sales and want a practical method of getting paid for their products.

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