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All about the Digital Workbook

Who doesn’t remember, before, the Work Card was printed and blue, where you put your work records and complementary vacation information and other details? Well, it has changed and is now 100% digital, now becoming the Digital Work Card.

That these are modern times and that digital advancement is in full swing, everyone already knows, and that is exactly what encouraged the update in force since 2019. In addition, the Digital Work Card came to bring more practicality to citizens and workers.

What this article covers:

What is the Digital Workbook

Substitute for the Physical Work Card, the new Digital Work Card also has all the information from the previous one, but its updating is done directly in the system, which optimizes time for both the company and the worker.

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Now, to make the new annotations you no longer need to take your document to the personnel department sector.

What will it do?

The Digital Work Card is used to track the entire work record of a person, being one of the most important documents for any worker. Because through it it is possible to check time of service in a company, remuneration, vacation period, salary increase, etc.

How does the Digital Workbook work?

What used to be physical is now virtual, but the functionality remains the same, because when the physical route was lost, the worker had to solve some steps to get a new one, such as going to each company that he has already worked to receive stamp again.

How to create a Digital CTPS

If you do not yet have a Work Card, the new digital CTPS can be created using your CPF through the GOV Portal. You just need to enter your personal data and answer a questionnaire with questions about your work history.

How to access the Digital Work Card?

You can access your digital work card in two ways, 100% free and even without leaving your home, check it out:

Website access

With your registration already done on the GOV portaljust log in with your data and the “worker area” will appear on the home screen, where you can access your Digital Work Card.

App access

Access via the app is even more recommended, because that way you will always have your digital workbook available in your hands, you can download it from the app stores for mobile devices with Android or iOS systems. The interface is simple and easy to understand.

Through the application you can also have access to worker benefits such as Salary Allowance, Emergency Benefit and Unemployment Insurance if you need to request it.

How do companies sign the Digital Work Card?

As we have already said, practicality has not only come to the worker, but to the employer as well, now companies sign the Digital Work Card through the E-social platform. New annotations can take up to 48hrs to be available, but in general it’s also pretty easy to use.

How was the CTPS Digital number?

With the update, your old Work Card number is no longer needed, even because it is now linked to your CPF. Therefore, it is the basis of the new numbering, organized as follows: the first seven digits are now the wallet numbers, and the last four in the series, for example:

  • CPF No.: 012.345.678-91
  • Wallet number: 0123456
  • Serial number: 7891

As we have seen, the main function of the Digital Work Card is to make the worker’s life easier, making access much more practical for his employer as well.

How was the number of CTPS Digital

Source/Reproduction: original

If you still have your old Work Card, it is recommended that you keep it for possible consultations, knowing that from now on it will no longer be needed. And in case you are young and still don’t have your Digital CTPS, don’t waste time and go to the Government website and get your Digital Work Card.

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