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All about the Atakarejo credit card

The Atakarejo credit card aims to bring many benefits to its customers and you will get to know all of them in this post!

The decision on which credit card to choose is often difficult, mainly because it involves several issues. In this way, we separate a complete post about the Atakarejo credit card, for you to know if it is really worth having this card.

What this article covers:

What is the Atakarejo credit card?

The Atakarejo credit card belongs to the Bahian supermarket chain Atakarejo, which appeared in 1980.

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As the Atakarejo chain is one of the largest in its sector in Bahia, the idea of ​​the card soon emerged, which is a way of offering another type of service to its customers.

Where is it accepted?

In addition to being accepted throughout the Atakarejo network, this credit card can also be used in other stores that accept the mastercard flag??

It is noteworthy that on the network, when using the atakarejo credit card, you participate in exclusive promotions, aimed at customers who use the tool.

What are the advantages of the Atakarejo credit card?

One of the most important things is knowing if it’s worth it and all the advantages of having an Atakarejo credit card, right? The main benefits are as follows:

The Atakarejo credit card is accepted internationally, which makes it stand out in front of others, in addition to very restricted establishments;

  • Purchases can be paid in up to 10 installments;
  • By having this card, you can participate in the Mastercard Surprise Program;
  • You have 50% discount on football, cinema and theater games;
  • Payment can be made within 40 days, without charging interest;
  • You can pay your invoice in installments if you wish;
  • SMS are sent with the important information of your card, to keep you updated;
  • There is the option of taking out a loan, which is already pre-approved.

That is, the Atakarejo credit card is undoubtedly a great option, mainly because of all these advantages that it presents.

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This is a card launched in partnership with Itaucard and carries the Mastercard brand.

How to apply for the Atakarejo credit card?

The application for the Atakarejo credit card must be made at one of the chain’s stores. You need to fill out the membership form and wait for a response about approval.

How to apply for the Atakarejo credit card

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If your request is approved, it will be sent to your address within 15 working days. It is currently not possible to apply online.

What requirements and documents are needed?

You must be of legal age to apply for the card, have a minimum income of R$670.00 and have no restrictions on your CPF.

The required documents are as follows:

  • CPF;
  • RG or official document with photo;
  • Proof of residence (in this case it can be an electricity bill, water bill or telephone bill, always from the previous month);
  • Proof of income (paycheck or statement for retirees and pensioners).

Fulfilling the requirements requested by Atakarejo and taking the necessary documents, the chances of being approved are great.

The Atakarejo credit card appears to be an excellent opportunity if you are already a customer and want to be entitled to exclusive promotions, as well as for people who want one with a well-known brand that is accepted in most establishments. The advantages offered by this card are an added attraction.

And to find out where there is an Atakarejo store, just enter the website and look for the one closest to you!

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