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All About Spring Summer 2022/2023 Fashion Trends

Spring/summer fashion is full of novelties that were literally a real success on fashion shows by brands such as Ocean, Saint Laurent, Valentino and other brands that set trends that will continue throughout the seasons.

And yes we already wrote down the main ones that are listed for the swimwear 2023 on this matter here, and today we separate the main subsequent trends, that is, the other novelties of the fashion spring summer 22/23.

She wants to follow and stay on top of everything that’s trending out there and will be successful in her looks. So keep reading and write down these tips!

Moda 22/23 Image reproduction: Glamor

Spring Summer 2022/2023 Fashion Trends

We know that new styles like cleangirl, barbiecore, are just some of the novelties of this season full of concept, fashionism, colors and style?? However, countless other materials will dominate the fashion scenes, bringing elements with an air that is somewhat reminiscent of the 90s, a concept that has strongly returned to fashion this year and will certainly continue for the next.

And yes amazingly, social networks and fashion influencers really are the ones that dictate the trends, as well as the important style concepts of this generation.

THE The following list brings a little of what will be popular, according to this network of women in tune with the theme!


Perfect for spring summer 22/23 fashion the movement idea clean girl is to enhance a look by giving tone and appeal to the most natural, taking care of the skin, bringing natural luminosity, and a more delicate, clean and orderly look.

With the effects of the pandemic and all the general chaos, the reflections of this concept are in fashion that emphasizes the less is morewhich can be printed both on the skin and on the items we use, always aiming for a simpler look, with little makeup, prioritizing smoothness, skin luminosity and women’s beauty in a way in nature.

cleangirl fashion. Photo reproduction google.


The trend of recycling fashion pieces is also another deliberately important concept this season, and the upcycling reveals it.

The idea is to reinvent old pieces, customize them and invest in “rescue” of materials that can be considered waste for fashion. So, you know that old blouse, worn out pieces, a little stoned, just some of the perfect suggestions that can be reinvented through the upcycling and turn into a new and amazing piece.

undoubtedly the upcycling it’s not just a summer trend, it’s a real movement of conscience for fashion and should be frequent in every season.

upcycling fashion, photo reproduction google.


Yes, summer 22/23 will ask for countless colors and lots of positive vibes on the looks?? Yellow, blue, orange, pink and all kinds of warm colors will be in vogue this spring summer.

The movement of vibrant colors comes in contrast to a time of pandemic where customization tie-dye was a big hit that became a rageand apparently now the idea of ​​maximizing the colors, even more, has come up again!

Trendy vibrant colors. Reproduction image: Predilect’s Plus

Shopping at thrift stores

Buying at thrift stores, in addition to being a strategy that helps so much when we remember upcyclingas when we talk about the fashion consumption of a conscious way.

The novelty of spring summer fashion is also in the search for reusable pieces that you can find in a thrift store in your city, that is, the idea is to search for summer pieces exactly in these places.

The concept extends so much to fashion adhering to the movement of reusing looks, where thrift stores became a rage for many young people of the new generation.

Long Skirt

Wearing a long skirt is another high point, as among the pieces in the spring summer fashion this year skirts reign supreme as “ask it” to combine with other fashion elements, such as a t-shirt colored for example.

Models of long skirts with slits, in textures such as lace, for example, are some of the options that can be used with a beautiful cropped bringing a vibe very tropical to the look.

Powerful look with long cropped skirt. Photo reproduction google.

Platform clog

Platform shoes in general are trends set by the most famous department stores around the world, and platform fashion is transferred to sandals, clogs and even boots.

In spring summer, the trend promises to be seen a lot in the looks of influencers and the young public that is already strongly adhering to the trends. clogs with platform soles in vibrant colors.

platform clog. Photo reproduction; Google


It is enough to look in the shop windows, in the fashion shows and in the main world fashion magazines to know that the favorite color of this season is silver, without a shadow of a doubt.

This summer’s favorite color is in the shop windows, department stores, fast fashionsand will be trendy promise.

The metallic effect of silver is still somewhat reminiscent of the metaverse and this interaction that mixes the new era, design, fashion and technology, with a futuristic and intergalactic look.

Futuristic fashion. Photo reproduction: Google.

Find out where you can find spring summer 22/23 fashion trends?

Famous stores like Shein, youcom?? Renner and many others are just some of the most popular stores, where you can find the 22/23 swimwear trends, which were mentioned throughout this article.

And if you liked the spring summer 22/23 fashion tips with different colors, materials and novelties. So choose your favorite trends and put the tips into practice now and create powerful productions!

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