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All about Pix in the Box!

With the updating of payment methods, many account holders have used Pix na Caixa. But, because it is still something new, there are other people who still don’t know exactly how it works and are even afraid to use this tool.

If you have any questions about Pix in the Box, read this article to the end to clear your doubts!

What this article covers:

What is Pix in the Box?

It is a payment method where money is immediately sent to another account. This transaction works similarly to a transfer, however, Pix does not charge a transfer fee and can be done at any time of the day (even days like Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

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And, even when made outside of working days, it will be delivered to the recipient at the time it is completed. In addition to receiving or sending money, you can also pay your invoices online and in person.

What information does Pix Caixa require?

To make a Pix at Caixa, you must have access to your account through the bank’s application.
When making the Pix, you are asked for the Pix key, QR code or the recipient’s bank details and, in the latter case, the amount to be sent.

How to register the Pix key in the Box?

You can register your Pix key at a Caixa bank branch, Caixa application for Smartphones or similar or internet banking. Pay attention to the next topics to understand how this Pix registration is done.

By the Cash App

In the app, select the Pix option. Then, choose “register key”, three options will appear for you to choose: CPF, mobile number or e-mail. Choose one of them to be your Pix key and click on register selected keys to finish.

It still has the option to create a random key to use only momentarily. It is worth remembering that data (e-mail, telephone or CPF) that has already been registered in another account as a Pix key cannot be used as your Pix key.

By Caixa Tem

In Caixa Tem this registration works in a very similar way, follow the instructions in the previous topic to register your key. After these steps, you will be asked for your password to validate the operation. You can have up to five keys per account, remembering that they cannot be repeated at other banks.

How Pix works in the Box

It’s not just Pix na Caixa that is like this, all banks allow Pix to be carried out at any time of the day. Whether to pay or receive. The only restriction is regarding the value, which will depend on your limit or if you are at a time when there is a value restriction for safety.

What can lead to Pix lock in the Box?

Suspicion of fraud or failure to operate. In the first option, the money from the transaction is blocked and can be released if there is no proof or return to the account of the person who made the payment.

All about Pix in the Box!
Source/Reproduction: original

In the second option, the bank must be held responsible and return the money fully or partially within 24 hours.

What is the daily limit of Pix in the Cashier?

You can perform Pix in the Box as many times as you want per day. You should only pay attention to the daily value limit. If the limit is too low, you can increase it as needed through the app.

Individual values

It ranges from R$5,000 to R$30,000. To make Pix worth more than five thousand, the application must be validated by an ATM beforehand. If the amount is lower, it can be done through internet banking or cashier app.

At Caixa Tem, the daily limit is R$1,200 and R$600 for each transaction with Pix.

Legal entity values

Who has CNPJ can make Pix up to R$60,000. Remember that these values ​​above, both individual and legal, are related to the period from 06:01 to 22:00. After this time, the value decreases for security reasons.

Prefer to pay high invoices before this time, so there are no problems.

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