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Alix Aspe put together a tangana in La Mesa Caliente with Verónica Bastos for the legal use of marijuana

The Mexican from one of the favorite programs of Telemundo, The Hot Table, Alix Aspecaused a real controversy among her colleagues Giselle BlondetMyrka Dellanos and especially with her countrywoman Veronica Bastos. All this from a news about legal marijuana use.

As is the premise of The Hot Tablealways puts on the same topic of interest that is debated between these four beautiful and intelligent women of the Hispanic television. But she was the youngest of them, Alix Aspe the one that ended up causing tempers to flare on the television set, once again defending the legal use of marijuana especially with his partner Veronica Bastos.

After seeing the note on video that talks about how now several brands that they sell cannabis They have placed natural flavors such as fruits, caramels, etc. Veronica Osorio He said that he did not agree, as this can be striking for minors. As a mother, she considers it a double-edged sword, or that’s how she interpreted it. Alix Aspe, immediately interrupted her.

The Mexican says that precisely the marijuana legalization It has taken a long time to reach today’s advances. He also considers that sometimes he is demonized legal use of marijuana when, for her, there are products on the market that could do more harm to children. She specifically referred to the amount of sugar in food and even to over-processing it.

Veronica Bastos responded by saying that The hot table thad all kinds of viewers and as such, it was not in a certain way responsible to promote this when the fight against drug addiction is a very serious problem in society. This was followed Myrka Dellanos Y Giselle Blondet who, like mothers too, leaned in favor of the position that Bastos took.

Alex Aspi continued to maintain his position and clarified who does not want to promote drug use, but that he does consider that there are many more dangers to children than are legal. Of course, this is was part of the professional discussions you always have. The Hot Table.

It is not a secret that these four women have made a very good gear and have always shown great respect, admiration and affection for each other.

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