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Alicia Vikander’s ‘Tomb Raider 2’ has been canceled • ENTER.CO

The future of Tomb Raider is a mystery, not only in video games, but also in its franchise on the big screen. The sequel to the game adaptation starring Alicia Vikander has been cancelled. The reason? MGM (the studio that produced it) has lost the rights to the adaptation.

According to different reports, originally the plan was for a sequel to the film to be produced, but MGM failed to greenlight the project on time. With this it has also been confirmed that Vikander will no longer return to the role and, more importantly, that a bidding war has begun between different producers to see who acquires the rights to the franchise for an upcoming adaptation.

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To be fair, it is possible that for many this news is of minor importance. The 2018 film was a box office success grossing $274 million worldwide. However, the reception was lukewarm to poor. On Rotten Tomatoes the film has a rating of 55% by critics and 55% by audiences. The main criticism of this version of the film was the way it failed to deliver an interesting mystery or capture the games sense of adventure.

For now there is no information about which studio is possibly taking the rights to the film. Considering the boom in video game adaptations and the appeal of the name ‘Tomb Raider’, even a streaming version can mean significant profits for a buyer. With any luck, the next destination of the franchise will be much more generous than the history of adaptations of the franchise has been and will find a face that, just as Angelina Jolie was in her time, will make anyone know who she is. Lara Croft.

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