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Alicia Machado puts on a girdle and shows off her rear, posing next to the Christmas tree

Alice Machado.

Photo: Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Alice Machado he brought out his sexiest side, because through his stories of instagram She was seen while she was getting ready for the New Year’s party (which she celebrated in Italy), showing off her rear by wearing one of the girdles that she promotes and posing next to the Christmas tree.

Later, the former Miss Universe opted for a sexy outfit made up of tight leggings and a black bodysuit; She wrote next to the clip that she posted a positive message for the coming year: “I feel exquisite and confident, young and active, more than ready! Focused and owing nothing, absolutely nothing to life! No forgiveness to offer and less blame to carry! I feel updated and versatile, complete and at the best moment of my dreams turned into realities to achieve, I feel capable and also always vulnerable to the honey of love 🥰 and to the disappointments of life, but still more ready ✅ than ever! Happy New Year 🎊🎆🎈 #2023 Prosperity of soul and heart ♥️ Welcome 🙏🏻 be the best year of my life!”

Last year Alicia worked on the long-awaited series “Game of lies”which will be released in Telemundo Coming Soon. She considers this work one of the most important in her career as an actress, and for her character she changed her looksshowing herself as a beautiful blonde.

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