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Alicia Machado called Julio César Chávez’s daughter Nicole useless before leaving La Casa de Los Famosos 3

Alicia Machado, former Miss Universe and winner of The House of Famous 1.

Photo: Alicia Machado, former Miss Universe and winner of La Casa de Los Famosos 1. / Mezcalent

If someone has the power to comment on everything that happens within The House of the Famous 3that is Alice Machado. With the frontality that characterizes her, she gave her opinion on the participation of Nicole Chavezthe daughter of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.., a few hours before be removed from reality show from Telemundoprecisely in the brother program, Today.

there, in front of Penelope, the chikybombom and Adamari Lopezthe ex miss Universe said about Nicole Chavezdaughter of the much loved Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.: “I think it’s a girl. Well, for starters, it seems to me that she is not a girl… she is 24 years old. In this country there are women who at that age work during the day, study at night, have three small children, raise them up and are undocumented and are the age of this girl”.Alicia He went ahead and hit him with the bucket.

“It seems unfair to me that if she is so rich and so fabulous and so wonderful, what is she doing there? It is better that she gives the opportunity to other contestants who can achieve the money that she does not need, ”she added. Adamari Lopez interrupted her and talked about the defense of the wife of Julio César Chávez Jr. towards her daughter when suddenly Alice Machado he cut her off and delivered a final thrust.

“No, but the parents are not to blame. Mr. Chávez andI hope you’re not going to offer me blows too, right? because I am a lady, Mr. Chávez. It is not proper for you to offer blows to a woman. But unfortunately her daughter is not what 25-year-old girls are representing right now in a society like this. What a pity but no. That the girl is useless has nothing to do with you. In other words, you raised her the best she could, you took her to the best schools, but well the girl already got a useless…”, the former Venezuelan beauty queen ended up specifying Alice Machadowho was also in The House of the Famous.

Let’s remember that one of the enemy number of donald trump by Latinos was in the first season of the Telemundo reality show, where everything was played for everything and ended, once again, winning first place. Herself feat which she did in 1996 when she was crowned the ultimate beauty queen in Alicia Machado confessed a romantic past with Arturo Carmona from LCDLF: “I ate that candy”. Success that was followed by many more that today make it one of the latin women referents of many in the world.

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