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“Ali” Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s younger sister, celebrates her 29th birthday

Indsay Lohan and Aliana Lohan attend the Network 10 Marquee

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Aliana Taylor Lohan, Better known by the diminutive of “Ali”, she is the sister of Lindsay Lohan and is reaching her 29 years.

She is also an actress, like her sister, a model and singer. He was born on December 22, 1993.

When she was just a girl, she began in the world of modeling for advertising magazines and some television commercials.

His musical career began the moment he released his first song, “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”.

Lohan then made her appearance in various music videos such as the video for lindsay, his sister: Confessions of a Broken Heart.

Later, the younger sister Lohan was in a reality show, “Living Lohan”, which narrated the intimate life of the Lohan family as well as the more everyday and natural side of a famous family.

Arriving in 2010, Ali announced his disinterest in music and thanks to this he had been two years behind with his CD, in which the song “All The Way Around” came out only.


While as an actress, she wished to pursue a career like her sister’s, but separate from the name Lindsay has made for herself.

He also started in the world of acting at a very young age. She has made cameos in movies featuring her sister Lindsay Lohan, The Parent Trap, Life Size, Get a Clue, Freaky Friday and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

It has been difficult for him, but little by little he has managed to forge his own name within the artistic world.

In “Twins game”, where her older sister was the main lead and rose to fame, she was able to participate, playing a girl who showed up at the airport.

Right now that we are at Christmas time, you can see him in “Christmas by blow”, a film directed by Janeen Damian, and which premiered on November 10. Her sister Lindsay also appears on this tape.

Aliana has a secondary role, playing the character of “Bianca”, who is Sierra Belmont’s stylist. Aliana is also the interpreter of one of the themes of the film.

His presence has been gaining fame in Hollywood, and he has participated in more than one project.

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