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Alfredo Adame reveals that he already made his will and left his children out: “Nothing for ungrateful people”

Despite the series of scandals that Alfredo Adame He starred in this year that is about to end, in which he even went to the hospital, the presenter denies that his life is chaos, because everything that happens to him is taken as a sign not to trust anyone, not even the three children who procreated with Mary Paz Banquells, whom he already removed from his will for being ungrateful.

This was revealed by the controversial 64-year-old driver, who during a recent interview for TVyNovelas confessed that there are many close people who have helped him, but they end up being grateful, starting with his ex-wife and his children, as well as friends who They have shown you that you should not trust them.

But when asked if the complicated experiences he went through a few months ago have led him to distrust people, he confirmed that this is the case, for which he even made a living will, a document in which he named only his heir to all his assets. her daughter Vanessa.

“I no longer own anything. Everything I had: my bank accounts, my properties, my yacht… I inherited everything while I was alive to my daughter Vanessa; she is the owner of everything and she only gives me for my gum, ”she explained.

He was blunt in assuring that everything he has passed into the hands of his eldest daughter and she is the one who gives him money to cover his expenses.

“So is. I just tell my daughter ‘I’m going to this side’, she writes me my check and goodbye! I no longer handle credit cards, debit cards, or anything at all”, he commented.

As for his sons Alejandro, Diego and Sebastián, he confirmed that they are not included in his list of heirs and he does not want to have contact with them again.

“Nothing, at all. nothing for ungrateful people. Every day that passes I realize more of everything that the mother (Mary Paz Banquells) and they did, so they are already out of my life and I have no intention of arranging anything with them, nor seeing them again,” he said.

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