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Alfredo Adame joins Niurka Marcos and goes with everything to the graphologist, Maryfer Centeno

Niurka was under the spotlight after she starred in a tough fight live with the famous graphologist, Maryfer Centeno, this after starring in a clash, after the Cuban, who, true to her style, questioned the work that the young woman does.

It was during one of the broadcasts of “La Saga” when the analyst and the actress had an intense discussion that did not go unnoticed by anyone.even his broadcast partners had to intervene so that the situation did not get out of control.

Despite the constant attacks she received, Maryfer Centeno always maintained an attitude of respect, He even took a minute on social networks to explain what happened before, during and after the conflict. On the other hand, Niurka has remained completely silent.

Given the scandal that starred Maryfer Centeno and Niurka Marcos, the former leading man of soap operas, Alfredo Adame was questioned about his opinion and did not think twice about attacking the young graphologist, showing a clear position in favor of the Cuban-born actress.

In a meeting with different entertainment media, the former contestant on the reality show “I’m Famous, Get Me Out of Here!” He called Maryfer Centeno “inept and ignorant.” He also said that Niurka Marcos gave him a “drag” during the discussion they had in “La Saga”.

“Maryfer Centeno is inept and ignorant”he said in front of the television cameras.

On the other hand, true to his style, Alfredo Adame assured that he does not know why the television programs they invite Maryfer Centeno to their broadcasts, implying that “nobody” is interested in the work she does. He also said that she is a young woman “with a complex” and with “a desire for prominence.”

“I don’t know why they take her to programs. She is a woman with a very self-conscious, mentally dwarf and with a tremendous desire for prominence ”

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