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Alexander Skarsgård on being a father: “Unusual”

Last year, Alexander Skarsgård had his first child together with Tuva Novotny. Now he tells The evening paper about life as a parent.

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The relatively new parent Alexander Skarsgård likes to keep his private life private, but now he has commented on parenthood in an interview with The evening paper.

Alexander Skarsgård about his son: “Is eight months old now”

Tuva Novotny’s and Alexander Skarsgård’s relationship was unknown to the press for a long time, something that Sanna Lundell commented on in her podcast Not your mother last spring:

“It’s still so funny that we’ve talked about it several times that they’re a couple, that they’ve been for years and they’re like two of our biggest international celebrities and no one writes about it,” Lundell said.

Shortly thereafter, it emerged that Novotny was pregnant, and in November she and Skarsgård were photographed in New York together—Skarsgård holding what was believed to be the couple’s baby, and Novotny with a stroller.

Now Skarsgård has commented on parenthood in an interview with Aftonbladet. After discussing his new film Infinity pool the actor was asked about “how it is possible to be a proper new father”, to which he replied:

“It feels good. We have a son who is eight months old now. It’s going well, although it’s quite unusual.”

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