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Alexa Dellanos shows off her rear in a hot selfie from her bed

Tremendous stir caused the influencer Alexa Dellanos after turning to her Instagram account to unleash sighs with a hot carousel of images that showed her most daring side. How did the public react? Read on to find out.

From his official profile, The daughter of the presenter Myrka Dellanos caused a furor in her digital community thanks to the “taste” of her weekend that she gave away through various photographs.

And it is that the young woman allowed herself to be seen naturally from the privacy of her bedroom, while she posed in front of the mirror clad in a tiny set of shorts and croptop that fit her curves.

However, this was not the only photograph that made Internet users tremble, since Within her publication, the content creator can be seen while enjoying an outing with friends and the occasional dance session.

Her most recent activity on Instagram did not take long to arouse a wave of comments in which compliments stood out and her honesty was applauded when she allowed herself to be seen natural and without a drop of makeup.

“Goddess”; “Beautiful doll”; “Wow that hair color”; “You’re having a heart attack”; “As beautiful as her mommy” and “How beautiful you are, heart”, are some of the messages that are read on the network.

In fact, another of the people who stood out in the comments section was the host of ‘La Mesa Caliente’, Myrka Dellanos, mother of the influencer: “I love you” and “Come home”, are the words that the famous dedicated to his daughter.

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