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Alejandro Fernández premieres a tremendous song to start with all this 2023. Listen to it! | VIDEO

Despite the fact that 2022 was a difficult year for the Fernández Dynasty with the recent death of Don Vicente Fernández, its members did not stop working.

And it is that many things changed in the dynamics of that important family, which he found in Alexander Fernandez to their new home leader and emotional emblem, proudly wearing the charro suit and the songs that the Charro de Huentitán bequeathed to the world.

That is why, in recent months, “El Potrillo” used hands-on work to work on new songs that are ready for publication, all in order to bring music to those millions of followers who remain faithful to his style and happy to see him on stage.

Thus, with creativity ahead, Alejandro Fernández will present next January the single titled “Inexperienced in Forget You”, the same of which he showed a fragment on his social networks.

The scheduled date for such an event was January 5, 2023. A week away from reaching this important moment, El Potrillo did not hesitate to reveal part of the lyrics of this song that promises to put him back on the horns of the Moon.

Reflecting his vernacular roots and always giving something to talk about when it comes to a song that talks about love and disappointments of the heart, something the singer knows a lot about.

With words that go straight to the heart and show part of the soul of Alejandro Fernández, this is how the song “Inexperto en Olvidarte” arrives.a theme that he did not compose but that he performs masterfully, something that can be seen in this fragment published on his Twitter account.

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