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Alejandro Fernández is happy about a year where he will tour to relaunch his career

Alejandro Fernández will start a presentation tour of South America next February.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As part of the pre-Christmas celebrations, Alejandro Fernández was caught enjoying an inn where he had fun as in the best days of his childhood.

El Potrillo took a break to forget about work and together with some of his friends they dedicated themselves to enjoying an evening where even the game of a piñata was included.

Through a video recorded and shared on social networks by Gina Litchi, close friend of Karla Laveaga. who is the girlfriend of the Jalisco singer, It can be seen how Alejandro fails in his attempt to tear apart a reinforced cardboard Santa Claus and for this reason he pounces on him in the purest style of a professional fighter.

“When you can’t beat Santa at the inn and you give it your all, but the Grinch comes out,” Litchi commented next to the content posted on his Instagram stories.

The truth is that Alejandro Fernández seems to have overcome the sadness caused by the death of his father last year and now wants to resume his career through the concert tour called Made in Mexicowhich will start towards the end of February next year in South American countries such as Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

According to the 51-year-old singer, The objective will be to provide a show focused on Mexican roots and for this it will rely on various audiovisual resources, as well as more than 20 musicians on stage, in addition to a group of mariachis that will perform the hits of El Potrillo, but also some songs that his father made famous.

“It will be a very special moment dedicated to my dad. We will be singing the most successful songs of his career … I think it is the most ecstatic moment of the entire show”, Alejandro pointed out a few weeks ago during a meeting he had with the media where he shared part of his plans to carry out. during a year where he hopes to appear again in the first places of popularity through two new songs: I won’t turn on the light and you were leaving.

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