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Alejandro Fernández is caught in an apparent drunken state during his concert in Guanajuato

Alejandro Fernández sang his song “Que seas muy feliz”, but his strange gestures caused comments from his fans.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

the concert of Alexander Fernandez which took place on February 4 at the palenque in León, Guanajuato was a complete success; However, in the final stretch something happened that the fans shared on social networks and that has generated many comments.

In the shared clip on TikTok the foal appears wearing the denim jacket that a fan gave him during the concert and making strange movements while reviewing some sheets on a table, apparently with the lyrics of the song “May you be very happy” -one of the first hits in his career-, which he sings without looking at the audience, to later say: “Let’s see how much they have… if they know it, they sing it”. In another video, Alejandro tries to dance, but only takes a few steps and moves one hand.

There were comments like “why do they let him perform like this?”, “I’ve always liked him, even though he has alcohol problems”, “I better buy a tequila and put on a mix of all his songs!😎😎😎🤭🤭🤭🤭 ” and “help is urgent, please”. However, Alejandro made use of his account instagram to share a video with many moments of the concert -among which one with his son stands out Alex Fernandez– and with a message of thanks: “Thank you for everything, León! 🙏🏼✌🏼 As I told you, it is always an honor to start the working year here 💥💥💥💥”.

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