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Alejandro Fernández brings out the Grinch in him by hitting Santa Claus’s piñata in an inn

Alexander Fernandez was seen in a little-known facet, as he appeared having fun in a traditional inn where brought out the Grinch in him when he jumped on a Santa Claus, and although this time it was only a piñata, he could not hide his fury.

Last weekend”The foalHe came with his girlfriend karla laveaga to a traditional inn with a select group of friends, but when the time came to break a piñata, as never before he showed his ‘Grinch’ side, beating up a piñata in the shape of Santa Claus which, according to the published images by itself it was made of a very resistant material, because although it fell on top of it, it did not manage to finish it off.

When you can’t beat Santa at the inn and you give it your all, but the Grinch comes out“Wrote the 51-year-old singer along with a video that he shared in the stories of his Instagram account and that has been taken up by other profiles within the same social network.

Although it was only for a few moments, it can be seen that Alejandro Fernández had a great time, because despite being blindfolded, he also fell to the ground to hit the piñata a few times with his fist and it even fell. above to try to finish her off.

But apparently this is one of the favorite times of the year for the interpreter of songs like “I dedicated myself to losing you” and “Today I feel like you”, because days before he shared a series of photographs on his same social profile in which he He saw him posing with a huge Christmas tree behind him, in addition to exposing that he was already prepared for the posadas that are celebrated in Mexico from December 16 to 24, and where the tradition also includes breaking the piñata that is originally filled with sweets and fruit.

Christmas time!!! happy posadas“It is read next to the publication that received about 40 thousand reactions in the shape of a heart.

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