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Alejandra Guzmán undergoes surgery after presenting problems in one leg: “I am a lucky warrior”

Alejandra Guzman she has entered the operating room on more than 40 occasions due to complications derived from the biopolymers that were injected 13 years ago to increase the size of her buttocks; which to date continues to cause her problems because once again she had to undergo surgery.

This was revealed by the journalist Ana Maria Alvaradowho during the “Sale el Sol” program assured that Silvia Pinal’s daughter was admitted to the hospital last Thursday, December 15, after presenting discomfort in her legs.

On December 15, after various symptoms such as fever and pain in the lower extremitiesthe singer requested admission to the clinic, ”he mentioned.

The host pointed out that it is a recurring problem in the singer, who knows how to act in case of presenting these symptoms.

“Unfortunately, she already knows the process very well. When she starts to feel bad and gets high temperatures, it is a sign that polymer has accumulated again. This time it was in one of the legs. Yesterday they performed this operation“, he explained.

He also pointed out that the rocker is in full recovery and receiving other treatments to reduce pain since it is a complicated procedure in which “they have to scrape off the product again.”

“After the operation, they took her to the hyperbaric chamber. It’s painful, he’s on the mend right now,” he added.

But it was through his official Instagram account where The interpreter of “Mala hierba” sent a couple of messages to her followersand referring to the medical treatment she receives, she only assured that she feels grateful.

“Thanks to life… For a successful big scar! I am a lucky and blessed warrior.”

Alejandra Guzman

Without revealing more details of the surgery she underwent, she highlighted in a second message that she is free of polymers.

Thanks to life, new successful scar. Polymer free“, he wrote next to the same image in which he appears posing in profile to the camera and with dark glasses.

According to an interview she gave to Yordi Rosado in 2021, Alejandra Guzmán has gone through a very long struggle from which she continues to learn, as she recalled that her problems began in 2012 in the middle of a tour with Moderatto when she began to have problems.

“I began to realize that my health was not good when I was in London making a record and there I could no longer walk and I began to feel very bad at night with a terrible fever,” he said.

She described that she began to see that her skin did not have adequate blood flow, forcing her to seek medical attention.

Your skin becomes necrotic, it turns black and hard as a stone and plastic I didn’t allow it to hit my skin, because it was plastic. The first time they operated on me it was torture because they ripped everything out of me since I had it inside and that’s why I wanted to change doctors, ”he described.

Process that lived in the midst of anguish because not even the doctors knew how to proceed because it was a little-known problem and they practically had to experiment with it.

“It made me desperate that they did not know how to help me. I was in there six months. He had a 27 centimeter wound up, down, to one side and to the other. They still keep taking me out,” she shared before revealing that has been operated on more than 40 occasions.

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