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Alejandra Guzmán lets herself be seen naturally and makes her fans explode with emotion in networks

Alejandra Guzman He is celebrating 55 years of age these days, and for this reason he has decided to appear natural before his fans and caused a furor on social networks.

The Mexican singer blew up the networks of emotion after he shared a photo on his social networks, in which he can be seen posing naturally, just a few hours after his birthday. Which confirms that age has not prevented her from continuing to look beautiful and above all with the best attitude.

Guzmán surprised his millions of fans on Instagram, as he shared a photo in which he left aside the looks for the shows and makeup.

In the image you can see Alejandra posing for a selfie, wearing a very peculiar outfitWell, she wears a matching white bathrobe with a towel that wrapped her head.

“Greetings my rockers. How’s your afternoon going?”, was the phrase, which he accompanied with emojis of the sun, a kissy face and a hand with a rock symbol. With which Guzmán published the photo in which he was seen natural.

Well, this time he left out makeup and filters to make his 3.6 million fans fall in love on Instagram, managing to receive a large number of comments, such as Fey, with whom he will be doing presentations and who commented: “Naturally beautiful!”

Without a doubt, the 54-year-old singer has managed to maintain a solid career in music thanks to her great talent, but also to her beauty, since she is considered one of the women with the most presence on stage, who not only conquers for her voice and movementsalso for her spectacular figure, as she showed in a previous postcard in which she wore a flirty floral-print bikini.

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