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Alejandra Guzmán denies Silvia Pinal’s COVID-19 contagion, but reveals that she has been in bed

The alarms about the state of health of the first actress Silvia Pinal they turned on again after it was revealed that he had been infected with COVID-19 for the second time, but it was Alejandra Guzman who he ended the rumors by revealing that his mother is at home and recovering from influenza.

It was before the cameras of Telemundo where the singer Alejandra Guzmán appeared to clarify once and for all that the last diva of the Mexican Golden Cinema was not infected with COVID; she however is recovering from influenza, which was diagnosed by her doctor.

He is well and recovering from influenza“, he expressed without revealing more details about his mother’s state of health.

He pointed out that indeed, Silvia Pinal is in bed, but her life is not in danger, although they have been under shelter to avoid contagion, as happened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“He has influenza, we already verified that he has influenza, but it’s okay I’m coming to see her right now has been in bed but we already spent two Christmases like this, ”he explained.

Given the rumors that Silvia Pinal would have spent Christmas alone, the interpreter of “Mala Hierba” explained that the 92-year-old actress has been accompanied by her family all the time.

“Calm down (they spent Christmas) I was with my brother, with Apolo with my niece, my mother and the doctor,” he shared.

For his part, Efigenia RamosDoña Silvia Pinal’s personal assistant, also denied that the actress had been infected with Coronavirus, as Gustavo Adolfo Infante assured a day before.

“Not at all, Mrs. Silvia Pinal does not have Covid, but not at all, that’s a lie, he just has a little cough, but look at how the weather has been, it has been very cold, but she is fine, she does not have Covid, ”she shared in an interview with the Morning News program.

He also revealed that both the actress and her children enjoyed a Christmas dinner with typical dishes of the time as a family.

“He had a very happy time in the company of his children, I made them cod, romeritos and they finished everything, that is, Alejandra, Pasquel, Luis Enrique with their children Schersa, Apolo, “he added.

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