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Alejandra Espinoza breaks her mouth when she trips over a pole

Alejandra Espinoza star of Corazón Guerrero on Univision.

Photo: Paul Morigi. /Getty Images

Alejandra Espinoza He showed his followers how it turned out after suffering an accident while playing soccer with his son and in the middle of an oversight he broke his mouth. After the actress and entertainer shared some images on her Instagram stories, where she appeared with a bloody face, she set off the alarms in her followers, warning them: “If I tell you what happened to me, you won’t believe me.”

In the image shared by Alejandra Espinoza you can see the wound in his mouth and also a white medical object that holds his nose. Though The actress and former Mexican beauty queen did not reveal further detailsher friend and also a driver Chamonic told what really happened.

According to the story, Alejandra was playing soccer with her son Matteo, and in an oversight while they were running, she did not notice that there was a post and she collided with it. “It was like a comedy movie, but the blow was hard,” he said. Furthermore it is said that the blow would have been so strong that it caused him to faint and the partial loss of a tooth.

So far Alejandra has not said more. Her Instagram followers have spoken through her comments, wishing her a speedy recovery.

Alejandra Espinoza enjoys good news

Who has gained popularity for presenting several reality shows of univision She is the protagonist of her first telenovela hand in hand with the aforementioned television network. “Warrior heart” is the name of the production in which Espinoza shares leadership with Gonzalo García Vivanco. It tells the story of the brothers Jesús, Damián, and Samuel who, when their father dies, are separated and given up for adoption to different families.

Although Alejandra has had a lot of presence as an entertainer and model born in Mexicohas always made clear her taste for acting, having the opportunity to fulfill her dream as an actress by participating in two films: Perfect Host Y The magic.

Now the public can enjoy his talent with Warrior hearttelenovela that premiered on December 6 on the screens of univision.

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