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Alejandra Espinoza and the 5 outfits with which she raised the temperature on Instagram

Despite having started her career as a beauty queen, Alejandra Espinoza He has managed to consolidate his acting career not only in Mexico but in the United Statesbecause under his sleeve he has participations in stories such as “El Dragón”, “Rubí” and “Corazón Guerrero”.

However, her talent has not been the only quality with which the famous has been able to steal the hearts of the public. And it is that Her beauty has also contributed to being able to gather more than 3 million followers on Instagram, who do not miss a single post.

Through her profile, Alejandra Espinoza is not limited to posting content related to her professional projects, as she also ventures to share postcards from her private life, including trips, outings with friends and family, as well as content from beauty and fashion. For this reason, we share some of the photographs that have caused a stir on the platform, and have you already seen them all?

outdoor session

The Mexican actress caused a tremendous stir after being seen dressed in a denim outfit that she accompanied with high boots that exposed her shapely legs.

high impact glam

One of the publications that caused the greatest stir during 2022 was the one in which Alejandra Espinoza rocked an electric blue gala dress with a halter neck and a dangerous leg opening.

In addition, it should be noted that this piece contrasted with her tanned skin and the pink tone of her hair, incredible!

Classic style

As if that were not enough, the former beauty queen gave a lecture on elegance and sensuality while posing in a very tight red dress that hugged the curves of her body, and sparked a furor among her digital community.

temptation figure

“The most beautiful”, “Every day you are more beautiful”, “My greatest inspiration”, “Alejandrita always stealing the show”, “One of my favorites” and “Precious”, are some of the comments that are read under the publication in which Alejandra Espinoza wore a striking pink outfit that showed her kilometric legs.

Abdomen ‘of steel’

Last but not least, the television presenter also delighted the pupil of the public during the transmission of one of the galas of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’. For the occasion, Espinoza looked very self-confident in a dress that showed off her “steel” abdomen.

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