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Alejandra Ávalos calls José José’s son “unprofessional” and assures that he owed money

Alejandra Ávalos recalled that working with José Joel was a bad experience.

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Work with Jose Joel It was an experience that left a bad taste in the singer’s mouth Alejandra Avaloswho recently confessed that José José’s son was “unprofessional” because he owed money on a project and took the lead from another.

Just over three years after the death of Jose jose their children continue to monopolize the spotlight due to their distance and especially because of the conflict between the two children that the singer procreated with Anel Noreñain addition to the legal problems with Sarita Sosa.

However, now it was the singer Alejandra Ávalos who, during an interview with the journalist Matilde Obregón, revealed that there has never been a relationship with the eldest children of the “Prince of Song”, with whom she had a close friendship.

In addition, she recalled that José Joel invited her to sing with him in a bar in 2012 and shortly after the idea of ​​collaborating in the musical show “Amar y querer” arose, but her experience was not the best since they changed the protagonist without warn her, leaving her out of the project.

“He gave me the script, we agreed on the salary, I was left to speak for the rehearsals and after 15 days they changed their leading role. They sent me to the rubber, but they didn’t notify me“, he explained.

And although he sought out Anel Noreña’s son to clarify the problem and he apologized, it was clear to him that he lacked professionalism to direct the project.

“I talked to him and told him: ‘What you are doing is not done, it’s unprofessional. I am committing myself to you, I came to your house, we read the script together, you told me about your project, I believed in it, we agreed on a salary with your partner, I saved my dates, it turns out that now Ninel (Conde) is there and I am not here. . Y yes he apologized to me, but the things that happen in this medium I think should not be done that way”, he added.

The former participant of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ pointed out that the ideal would have been for her to talk to her to reach an agreement, a situation that she would have understood and even if it hurt her not to participate, she would understand, but “she was offended with unprofessional things.”

Some time later he received a second offense when he agreed to sing with him in another show that featured six singers, but none of them were paid.

“We went to sing a whole weekend, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, two performances a day and they didn’t pay us. So that was second strike from the family to me. José José told me: ‘Please forgive my son, I mean, I don’t want you to take Pepito ill will, there are other people who are handling the money,’” he mentioned, pointing out that out of love for José José he avoided coming to the demands .

During the talk, he also revealed that he got into serious trouble for defending Sara Sosawho received strong offenses for taking his father to Miami, when all he did was keep him in the best conditions because his official family was there.

“I saw it as a very strong attack on a girl who did the best she could. I did not see him with a malice, ”she stressed.

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