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Alejandra Ávalos accuses AMLO’s party of stripping her of her home in Mexico City

Alejandra Ávalos asks for AMLO’s support to recover her house in Mexico City.

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The actress Alejandra Ávalos, 54, is going through a very difficult moment on a personal level after she accused members of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena)the party in power in Mexico, to strip her of a property that she owns in the Roma Norte neighborhood, in the downtown area of ​​the Mexican capital, for which she raised her voice and requested the support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) who founded that party.

The singer also gave a series of interviews to journalists Carmen Aristegui Y adela micha to denounce the hell he is experiencing, since no one responds to him for the property that he rented from the aforementioned party’s Secretary of Finance and which, since February 2021, was invaded by a group of people who identify themselves as members of the movement.

This issue has caused the celebrity to stop receiving, since January 2022, the rental fees, which amounted to $120 thousand pesos per monthsomething like $6 thousand dollarsso that one year he already stopped receiving $72 thousand dollarswithout considering the debts they have for various services.

“In Morena we have always maintained communication and privileged the dialogue with the owner of the aforementioned property to inform her of the situation, ask her for her support to carry out the necessary procedures and offer her alternatives in order to avoid a conflict”, declared Francisco Javier Cabiedes Uranga, Morena’s finance secretary, who said he was in the best position to help the actress recover the property, but insisted that the house is no longer under the power of his party, but of some invaders.

The property, which is marked with the number 227 of Mérida street and has an extension of 1,615 square feethas been in possession of Morena since 2016, however, the problems for Ávalos began at the beginning of 2021 with the invasion, while in 2022 the first debts were registered, which persist until now.

No longer knowing how to recover her home, the celebrity decided to resort to the media to call the attention of President López Obrador, who she hopes can intercede for her to reach a beneficial and peaceful solution for all.

I want to think that the president is oblivious to what is happening on the part of the party. I like to think that he just lets other people do the things they figure out, and this hasn’t reached his ears. What I want is for him to find out and for us to reach a peaceful agreement,” said the actress from “Soñadoras” and “Siempre te Amaré”, who is already desperate.

So far, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has not ruled on the problems facing the actor.

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