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Aleida Núñez shows off her figure with a tight jumpsuit while training in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 3’

Aleida Nunez surprised his fans by being part of the 17 celebrities who entered ‘The House of Famous 3’, where she declared herself ready to take first place and $200,000 in cash. And although only a few days have passed, she has already begun to show off her dazzling beauty, because to show that she also likes coexistence, she decided to train with some colleagues and, incidentally, she showed off her curvaceous silhouette while enjoying one of her great passions, which is exercise.

Aylin Mujica, Patty Christmas, Arturo Carmona, john rivera, Osmel Sousa, Aristeo Cazares Y Group King These are just some of the celebrities who will compete in the third season of “La Casa de Los Famosos” with the beautiful Aleida Núñez, who is already showing her personality and physical attractiveness.

And it is that, from the first days, he began to show off his shapely silhouette while exercising, since he took advantage of the approach with his colleagues Osmel Sousa and Raúl García to share a routine, which also served to show off in front of the cameras.

In the images that were taken up on her official Instagram profile, Aleida appeared in a tight neon pink jumpsuit with which she did some exercises with weights.

How about my role as a trainer for the Beauty Czar?“, reads the publication in which they also detail that it has been a great start in which they have supported each other and take advantage of the time to collaborate while getting to know each other a little more.

Within the same social network, the native of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, also ended up confessing that she loves the art of physical and mental seduction, but she doesn’t like fleeting relationships, so she always opts for a formal relationship. Will I find love inside the House of Famous?

But while each of the celebrities lets out their true personality, Aleida Núñez assured that this project is a great challenge in which she does not know what she is going to find, but she is fully prepared, of course, as long as no one takes her out of her center and Balance.

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