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Aleida Núñez reaches 4 million followers on Instagram and celebrates by modeling an ultra-tight dress

Aleida Nunez He has just conquered the hearts of his first 4 million Instagram followers and to celebrate he shared a series of photos in which, as is customary, showed off her dazzling beauty in a tight dress that highlighted her stunning curves.

The actress and singer, originally from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, thanked her followers for their support on social networks and to show that they occupy an important place in her career, she consented to them, revealing the shapely silhouette that has placed her as one of the famous darlings of television, but also within virtual spaces.

It was exactly through his official Instagram profile where Aleida Núñez celebrated in style that managed to captivate 4 million followersso she did not hesitate to pamper them with a couple of publications in which she showed off as only she knows how to do it.

In the first publication, the theater and television star thanked those who are part of his community, highlighting that they are an important part of his career, but also of his life, since this space has become the perfect showcase to share details of the projects in which he participates and the most intimate aspects of his daily life.

“My beautiful hearts we are already 4 Million!! Each day shared with you is unique, they occupy an important place in my life thank you for so much love“Wrote the 41-year-old artist.

In another compilation of images, she captivated again wearing the same ultra-tight white dress with gold details, with which she revealed her steel abdomen and stunning curves that she wore while posing in profile to the camera.

But the beautiful and talented presenter has not let the Christmas season go by, so in previous days she once again captivated the hearts of her admirers by posing in a dress that left her back completely bare, with which she asked her 4 million followers admirers enjoy these days to the fullest.

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