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Aleida Núñez falls in love with her fans with a video in which she shows her exercise routine in tight leggings

Aleida Nunez She is starting the year in a spectacular way at a professional, family and physical level, but what better way to show it than with a series of captivating images in which she reappeared wasting beauty and sensuality in one of her great passions: exercising.

And it is that, the actress and singer originally from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, is causing a sensation among her first 4 million Instagram followers, with whom she shared some videos and photographs that perfectly portray her silhouette and that is causing all kinds of reactions.

In one of her latest posts, Aleida attracted the attention of almost 50,000 followers, because in a video lasting a few seconds, she shared one of the exercise routines she performs to maintain heart-stopping curves.

Wearing tight red animal print leggings and a matching white topIt was how the famous woman showed off her shapely anatomy from the front and also turning her back on the camera to show some angles that were appreciated by her fans.

But what better way to start the year than by sharing some details of the projects that are coming for this 2023, one of them is the exclusive content page aleidavip.com, for which he also revealed that he is preparing great surprises for subscribers and, posing from the bathtub with a white bodysuit, he gave a brief preview of what they will be able to enjoy soon.

Likewise, during a live broadcast with her Instagram followers, the soap opera star thanked the support she constantly receives not only from Mexico, her native country, but also addressed the Latinos who follow her from other countries such as the United States. with whom he even keeps in touch through social networks.

And to show that she is always aware of her true admirers, Aleida Núñez shared days before another sexy series of photos from the desert, where she appeared posing in a bikini while riding a camel.

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