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Alberto García Aspe criticizes the forms of Diego Cocca’s arrival at Tri: “It has been a disgrace”

Alberto García Aspe, during the conference prior to the 2017 Investiture of the National and International Soccer Hall of Fame.

Photo: Ulises Naranjo / Imago7

Former Mexican soccer player Alberto García Aspe gave his impressions on the imminent arrival of Argentine Diego Cocca at the helm of the Tri and he assured that it is a process that in his opinion begins with the wrong foot, he also affirmed that since his retirement 20 years ago, Mexican soccer continues to be handled the same or even worse.

The statements were made by a heavyweight in the history of Mexican soccer, such as García Aspe, through his personal Twitter account. “I have been retired for 20 years and Mexican soccer continues to be handled in the same way, even worse. This new process has started on the wrong foot“, asserted the legendary midfielder of the Mexican National Team.

Although he recognized the victories achieved by Diego Cocca in Mexican soccer, he assures that a coach who works hard with the youngsters was more than necessary. and can help empower them. These statements were taken as a lack of confidence in the new Argentine coach.

I am concerned about the forms, suddenly the name of Diego Cocca comes up without notifying his new club with which he had signed a long-term contract, they brought him everything he wanted and they spent millions of dollars and overnight they goes. Shapes matter a lot, and the truth is that it was a disgrace“, he pointed out.

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