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Alberto Bueno at the 38th Rally Sierra Morena

The The 38th Edition of the Sierra Morena Rally was held with a total of 150 participating teams. Among them were the driver from Seville, Alberto Bueno, and his co-driver on this occasion, Ángel Manzano from Jerez.

The driver from Seville, awarded a scholarship by the Andalusian Automobile Federation for the 2021 season, will have as his main objective the Spanish Cup of Land Rallies that will begin on April 23 and 24. As well as preparation, the team went to the Sierra Morena Rally with the aim of completing all the kilometers and proving on the hardness of the terrain that the entire vehicle was in perfect working order.

The first day was played on Friday afternoon with 4 Timed Sections (TC), of which only 3 could be disputed when TC2 was neutralized. In this first contact and return to competition after the pandemic, Alberto Bueno had to face difficulties. A problem in the electric fan of his vehicle prevented him from getting the most out of it. For this reason, they were forced to stop when the temperature of their engine rose and entered “failure”, making the vehicle unable to exceed 40km/hour.

Finally, they found the problem

After the first stage, CD RacingCor Competición found the problem and managed to repair it to face the final part of the rally. Thus, during the morning session on Saturday, the rider was able to pick up the rhythm of the competition and, although starting from far behind, he was able to recover some positions up to the middle of the table.

“We knew that it was going to be a difficult rally, since we arrived without carrying out any test or testing of the vehicle. However, the Sierra Morena Rally was going to be the best test.

Now, after seeing the faults that the vehicle had and getting to know the new suspensions more closely, in 2 weeks we will begin the main objective, which will be the Spanish Cup for Dirt Rally, where we will be prepared to get the best out of ourselves.”

In this way, the 38th edition of the Sierra Morena Rally was concluded. The test was held with the public limitations established by the authorities, but without major incidents, being a return to normality appreciated by the organizers, teams and by the city’s tourism.

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