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Alan Mozo reveals what is necessary for Chivas to have a good run in the Clausura 2023 of Liga MX

Alan Mozo, Chivas player.

Photo: Sebastian Laureano Miranda / Imago7

In the Clausura 2023 of the Liga MX Chivas barely adds four points out of a possible ninethis because of He only won on the first date, then he only managed to score one point and on the most recent day he lost at home against Toluca. It is for this reason that the sacred flock is in trouble, something that Alan Mozo spoke about and emphasized what the team must do to change this situation.

“Believe We need to manage the moments of the game a little moreor, we don’t have to be at 100 or zero percent intensity, tWe have to find a middle ground, we have to score more than one goal in each game in order to manage the game“Said the side of the Guadalajara team.

In addition, the same Mozo spoke about the defense, a place where he lives, and at this point he emphasized that they must be more solid in order to keep the goal clean.

In defense be a little more solid I think that in preseason and the first games Not conceding a goal is something very important and it is what we have to maintain”indicated Alan Mozo, who came from Pumas UNAM and is defending Chivas for the second Liga MX tournament.

The next game of Chivas de Guadalajara will face them against Club Juárez on Saturday, January 28 at the Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium and will try to get the three points in order to climb positions in the Clausura 2023. At this time, is in eighth position with four points.

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