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Al Pacino reveals the origin of an expression he made famous in the film “Scent of a woman”

Al Pacino.

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“Scent of a woman” is a 1992 film starring Al Pacinowho the following year won the prize oscar as Best Actor. Over time the film has become a classic, but Since its premiere, the public was struck by an expression that Colonel Frank Slade said continuously: “Hoo-ah”.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the film, Pacino gave an interview to Yahoo Entertainment and explained the origin of that curious exclamation: “That all came from a guy who was teaching me how to blind load and unload a .45 caliber pistol. You know, it’s complicated, you have to take it apart and then put it back together in 45 seconds. And there are a lot of little things you have to learn.”

Although this activity was tedious, the soldier who trained Al had a unique personality: “So I always had practice with this guy, who taught me how to do it. And every time – and this guy was a real lieutenant – he did something good or even a little bit good, he’d say, ‘Hoo-ah!’ And I said, ‘what’s that?’ He said, ‘Oh, that’s what we do. Hoo-ah! With the troops going along’. So I was like, ‘I’ve got to wear that.’ So that kind of got into the role of Frank Slade. Those things come from heaven.” In 1993 Al Pacino was nominated for an Oscar not only for Best Actor, but also for Best Supporting Actor. for his work on the film “Glengarry Glenn Ross”; however, “Scent of a woman” it is the one that remains as one of his most memorable films.

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