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Al-Nassr will seek to bring two old friends to Cristiano Ronaldo

Saudi Arabian football is gaining strength on the football map through large signings. The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo at Al-Nassr represented a blow on the table in the league of that country. But the Arab group would not be satisfied only with CR7 and I would go for two Real Madrid legends.

Money is clearly not an issue and This was demonstrated with the exorbitant hiring of Cristiano Ronaldo. In this sense, the Al-Nassr leadership would go after the acquisition of a footballer from Real Madrid and another from PSG.

Real Madrid 2.0

According to information published by the newspaper Brand, Al-Nassr would seek to sign Luka Modric and Sergio Ramos for next season. Both players were Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammates in a Real Madrid team that completely dominated European football and the UEFA Champions League.

The recent successes of Al-Hilal, rival of Cristiano Ronaldo’s team, it would have motivated Al-Nassr to want to strengthen its squad and regain local and international dominance.

Ramos and Modric end their contract in June this year. This is a scenario that would facilitate the hypothetical transaction of these two footballers and, therefore, the creation of a Real Madrid 2.0.

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