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Aislinn Derbez pleases her fans and shows for the first time how she really wakes up

Aislinn Derbez He once again showed off his natural beauty, but this time he took the opportunity to make it clear that the images he shared a few days ago from bed are not entirely true, like everything that is seen on Instagram, so pleased his millions of followers on social networks by showing how he looks when he wakes up, without filters and without retouching.

Before the end of 2022, the daughter of the Mexican actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez managed to cause a stir with a series of photographs published on her official Instagram profile, these are seductive postcards in which she appeared posing from bed and with which her 12.2 million followers witnessed once again the beauty she has enjoyed since she woke up.

After the commotion it caused, he again shared a couple of photos in which he showed off from the privacy of the bed and covering his body only with the sheets, while in two other images posed completely natural, that is, showing how she really wakes up.

“How do we know that Instagram is half fake, reality I leave them to you in the last 2 photos of how I get up,” the actress wrote at the bottom of the publication.

As in other publications, the film and television star received a shower of messages in which some celebrities felt identified as Emerald Pimentel, who wrote: “Sis, you made my day! there are already 2 of us who woke up like this”, while some more like Group King They highlighted that their favorite was the third image, “the one with the double chin“.

For their part, some fans applauded the natural beauty of the film and television star, while some more recognized the value of showing themselves as they really are, an aspect that very few celebrities share.

“In the last photo you still look beautiful”, “A little reality doesn’t hurt anything”, “Pure reality”, “Thank you for those photos, I hope I have the courage and humility to upload a photo like this”, “Actually without matter, you are always beautiful”, “Beautiful anyway”, “I thought it was Renata Notni in the first photo”, some wrote.

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