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Air cut – everything you need to know about the new hair trend

Hairstyles have always gone in trends – and now more than ever, these trends often have a background as viral phenomena. One of the season’s most popular hairstyles is the air cut, a look that spells volume, volume, volume.

Photo: Instagram @kellyrowland / @matildadjerf

The new hairstyle trend contains maximum volume to say the least. The haircut is about giving the hair an airy and flowing feeling, freshly blow-dried and full of volume and fullness. To achieve this look, you need to cut the hair up so that the underhair provides the right support for the rest of the hair. With the help of a round brush, heat coils and volumizing spray, you get the super-chic movie star look, finishing with some shine to maximize the glamorous look.

Below we have collected all the products to achieve the perfect air cut hairstyle!


A little behind the scenes of this iconic haircut!! ?

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