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Agneta Sjödin about the cosmetic surgery: “Felt just right”

In an interview with The evening paper tells the presenter Agneta Sjödin that she has undergone a cosmetic procedure which she believes makes her look fitter. “It just felt right to do it,” she says.

Photo: Instagram @agnetasjodin

Agneta Sjödin is one of our most popular presenters who, after three decades in the industry, has participated in well-known programs such as Prisoners at the Fort, Aim for the Stars and Let’s Dance. In an interview with Aftonbladet, she opens up about her view on beauty procedures – and talks about her own experience with them.

Agneta Sjödin on the cosmetic procedure: “Looks more energetic”

Fillers, thread lifts and botox are just some of the many beauty procedures that have become increasingly common in recent years. According to Agneta Sjödin, it should be up to each person whether they choose to undergo these or not:

“I think it’s perfectly fine if people want to do it. But I think it’s beautiful to age and beautiful with wrinkles. This quest to get rid of all the lines and to be completely smooth, it’s a bit boring and expressionless,” she says.

Sjödin also says that she herself has undergone a cosmetic procedure:

“Then I can understand if, for example, you want to remove drooping eyelids, I fully understand that. I have fixed the eyelids myself and it felt completely right to do so. It got nicer when I did my eye make-up and I look a little more energetic.”

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