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Agate utensils: prices, where to buy

You agate utensils are perfect for composing a retro decor in the kitchen. They rescue the delicious memories of the afternoon coffee at grandma’s house or the meeting with family members on the farm.

Agate utensils are nostalgic and charming. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

The pieces in agate

Cups, pans, saucers, mugs, teapots and other agate pieces favor the feeling of nostalgia inside the house. These items were successful many years ago, but are being revived due to a charming and cozy aesthetic.

Agate is capable of instantly referring to the past. In addition to serving for the manufacture of kitchen utensilsthe material has also been widely used to manufacture soap dishes, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, among other pieces.

The pieces in agate favor the kitchen decoration, especially those that explore strong and vibrant colors. They hark back to the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s, in addition to offering a new sensation when it comes to cooking and serving.

Agate pieces are precious elements of retro decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

Agate utensils can be used to decorate the breakfast table or the kitchen counter. When the pieces show some damage or are considered too old for use, residents can transform them into sophisticated potted plants.

Agate is no longer as successful as it was years ago, but it is still being used for make utensils🇧🇷 THE retro aesthetic is not the only attraction, after all, the material is also compatible with those seeking a healthy lifestyle free of metallic waste.

Agate utensils have a high heat retention capacity, which allows you to cook food more quickly. The smooth surface of the parts is also able to facilitate cleaning.

A charming agate mug. (Photo: Disclosure)

Prices and where to buy agate utensils

It’s possible pan agate tools at antique shops or fairs. Parts are also available for sale online. Check out the following prices and where to buy🇧🇷

– Enamelled agate milk jug for R$27.40 at the Multicoisas Baby store.

– Antique coffee set, with floral print and hand-painted for BRL 950.00 at Mercado Livre.

– Set with 4 agate cups for R$ 120.00 at Mercado Livre.

– White casserole agate pan for R$36.30 at the Multicoisas Baby store.

– Agate mug for tea 360 ml for R$9.50 at the Café Club Store.

🇧🇷 agate sugar bowl for R$25.80 at Café Club Store.

– Traditional agate coffee pot for R$95.59 at the Café Club Store.

– Traditional agate coffee pot for R$78.50 at the Café Club Store.

🇧🇷 agate mug with delicate designs for R$2.40 in the 1.99 online store.

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