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After a month without a system, Venezuelans will be able to process their documents again • ENTER.CO

Venezuelan citizens have been experiencing a great tragedy for a month. Since June 21, hundreds of Venezuelans have reported on social networks that they have not been able to process their identity documents, since the corresponding office is not issuing them. It’s all because the Saime platform (Autonomous Identification, Migration and Immigration Service) stopped working since then.

Not only the citizens who still reside in the country, but also those who have emigrated have been affected by the collapse of the system. This weekend, almost a month later, the portal was reactivated and it is assumed that the rescheduling of missed appointments began on Monday. Given all the odyssey that they have gone through, those affected took to social networks with all kinds of complaints, laments and memes about it with the label #SAIMEcaído. Even several users have commented that they’ve already had their appointments reassigned, but they don’t really trust this to be real.

And it is that the Government of Nicolás Maduro took practically a month without giving any explanation about it to all Venezuelans; at the time the president gave statements, they came with many uncertainties. “Due to the perverse and pernicious impact caused by the technological blockade against our country, our system has been affected, causing inconveniences in the provision of services,” reads a statement issued by the government, as reported in El País. To give citizens peace of mind, the statement argues that a “novel technological platform will allow services to be resumed without foreign technological dependency.”

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Now, the new platform has gone live, but the government has not disclosed further details about it. In exchange, some means and users on Twitter They have argued that the new platform is designed by EX Cle Soluciones Biometrics, an Argentine company. This company was sanctioned in 2020 by the United States thanks to its participation in the elections in Venezuela.

At the moment, the media and other interested parties are trying to find a reasonable explanation for what happened with the platform. However, the NGO Acceso a la Justicia assures that the work recess of the website violates human rights such as: the right to identity, the right to free movement, family reunification, among others. The truth is that for years this has been one of the worst public services and is under investigation for express nationalizations of foreigners during elections, data manipulation and the provision of false passports.

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