Maintaining peace and tranquility in September is going to be a challenge, and even more so with Mercury retrograde doing its thing. This event takes place from September 9 to October 2 and can have a very strong effect on friendships and our most special connections. an organization. The ideal is to plan calmly, calmly and always knowing that not everyone thinks the same. With Mercury retrograde, it is highly recommended to open your mind and return to all those things that we still have stuck in the depths of our hearts. If you want to know the advice to survive this Mercury retrograde according to your signkeep reading:


If you are leading some plan or some activity that you want to enjoy with your closest friends, you will have to be very careful because misunderstandings are just around the corner. With Mercury retrograde, communication can be confusing, but that’s no excuse to start some avoidable argument either. It is best that you pay close attention to the details of the organization of any plan.


You have to be a little more flexible with your friends and with their dramas, Mercury retrograde is going to do its thing and the best thing is that you relax. You have to open your mind at certain times because if you don’t, you’re going to have a bad time. Do not revolutionize your calendar with a thousand plans because it is very likely that you will forget things or write down things wrong because you are in a hurry. Be careful with those kinds of details.


Mercury retrograde can pause many things, but you have to make up for lost time with those people you haven’t seen for a long time, because you feel like you miss them so much. It’s never too late if you all have enthusiasm and desire, don’t think so much about all the time that has passed and the dramas that are left behind. Meet somewhere quiet and let the conversation flow like the air does… That’s it. advice to survive this Mercury retrograde according to your sign.


You’re a bit fed up with hearing advice you didn’t ask for. You are tired of hearing what you have to do, how you should do it, and you don’t want to hear any more comments or criticism about your way of doing things in your home. You want your friends to just support you and nothing more, because you feel like you’re in the spotlight and you don’t like that. breathe CancerBreathe and try not to lose your calm…


Forget about making a thousand plans with several different people because you are going to make a mess and in the end you will not know what you have pending and who you have to meet the next day. Mercury retrograde can make communication a little more confusing, the typical misunderstandings can confuse you and if you can avoid these pitfalls, all the better. Slow down a bit and organize your schedule before doing anything.


Ask yourself this question: Are the people you’re spending time with right now people who really value you? You have to learn to differentiate who is with you because they like to share time, and who is with you for some other type of interest. Check very carefully the small details that your friends have with you, because that way you can discover who really supports you and who loves you for what you have.


It is very likely that you will send the diplomacy that always characterizes you far away, especially in the middle of the month. Why? very simple: you are fed up with always being the party that wants to talk, mediate or solve problems. You are tired of being used as a tool so that everything is fine and that no one stops to think about your well-being or what you want. You may have to set new limits…


The truth? You are going to feel very exhausted because of Mercury retrograde and because of the selfishness and idiocy that you are going to perceive in many friendships that little by little are becoming unknown to you. It is a good time for you to fight to recover the spark and the connection you had with a person who loves you for who you are and not for what you have. Don’t let the past keep you further away, your destiny is to be united…


You know how to see the positive side of any situation even in the most difficult moments, you are admirable for that and for many other things. You will have to be very strong throughout the process of Mercury retrograde because communication can suffer from many errors and your friendships are not as positive as you are. You don’t have to let the most dramatic friendships take away the illusion of making fun plans.


Now is a good time for you to get back in touch with the friends that were forgotten for several years now, Capricorn. It’s never too late to rebuild connections that are beautiful, real and humble and you know it very well. However, you should be especially careful with oversights or mistakes if you have a new plan in mind, Mercury retrograde is going to do its thing…


You want to do something fun with people who make you feel great, but with Mercury retrograde it’s going to be a big challenge because everything can be much more complicated because of it. The things that you normally do now will seem to you to be much more complicated. If you have in mind to do something outside your city, the first thing you should do is check all the details very well in case you have made a mistake and you have not realized it. remember this advice to survive this Mercury retrograde according to your sign.


It’s the perfect time to do that necessary contact cleaning and to get out all the crap you’ve been saving so you don’t offend anyone. It’s okay to always be the neutral party, Pisces, your friends are going to have to work very hard to regain your trust and you know it very well. With Mercury retrograde everything can be chaos, but in the end it will force you to be more realistic and that will benefit you a lot.

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